Case Study

Gerflor - SPM



Specialist in Wall and Handrail Protections, SPM, a Gerflor Group company, offers solutions to protect walls, doors, corners and to support the safe movement of people, in conformity with the legislation governing establishments open to the public.

This partner constantly seeks to surprise its customers and prospects with an advanced and concrete application of technology.

Brief & Context

SPM already had a tablet application for their international sales force. Wishing to continue their efforts invested in new technologies, SPM makes it a priority to modernize their exchanges with their customers. Wishing to improve its appearance and free itself from static content limitations, our client asked us to design and develop the next version of the application.

Native and specific developments

To develop this solution for our customer, we did not hesitate for a single second on the technologies to be applied:

The application released was completely in the expectations of our client. The administration tool being tailor-made for their use, the adoption was quickly achieved.

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Results and performances

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