Case Study


Risks evaluation document


Until now, writing a risks evaluation document (formalized and structured results for occupational risk assessment) has been a complex and difficult experience.

Not to forget anything, well structured and documented, his report was sometimes impossible given certain situations. To answer this problem, Sirocco entrusted us with the creation of the Android application (smartphone & tablet) to make the work of the editors easier.

Brief & Context

  • Developing a simple & intuitive mobile application forrisks evaluation document writers involves several constraints to be taken into account in its design:
  • Create streamlined interfaces to allow uncompromising understanding of the information displayed
  • Anticipate connection/disconnection issues in the field by making the application functional offline
  • Create an application that is ultra simplified and accessible to all
  • Offer an application available both on smartphone and tablet (Android)

Main goals and objectives

  • Design and develop the application in such a way as to comply with all constraints
  • Make the risks evaluation document in a way that is easy for the user to understand
  • Offer responsiveness and application experience comfort using native technologies
  • Propose a navigation experience in correlation with the way already applied in the field

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Native mobile development

Developing a native mobile application can be done in several possible ways.

At AwayUp, we use only the best and only way to achieve a perfect result: native development.

This must only be done using the languages specific to each OS: Java / Kotlin for Android and Swift / Objective-C for iOS.

In our situation, the application had to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. To do this, we have developed a common base for both Android devices. Finally, we only had to adapt the interfaces whose style and ergonomic design codes are specific to each type of equipment.

In this way, we ensure a certifiable quality for the application while saving in initial development time but also over time because there is only one application to maintain over time. The native application is a definite advantage for the end user.

Results and performances

The application developed by AwayUp is now used on a daily basis by end users. The feedback is very positive. The terms most often used to describe the benefit provided are: security of seizures, ease, collaboration, reliability.

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