Case Study


Internet Explorer 11 Extension


Wuha is a very promising startup offering the following promise: "One search engine for all your applications".

Given the very large number of users using their solutions, an Internet Explorer 11 extension was quickly requested. AwayUp, a poorly known, documented and very outdated technology, is committed to meeting this challenge with the resulting constraints.

Brief & Context

Wuha was growing rapidly with a strong technological challenge. Many of their developers were already heavily involved in creating/improving their existing product. 

The objectives of the extension developed were:

  • Extended for Internet Explorer 11 browser according to standards
  • Make this extension easy to install both in a private home and in a company
  • Create a sandbox within its execution engine
  • Make it easily maintainable
  • Comply with the same specifications as the existing extensions under Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox
  • Multi-language hot swap

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Native and specific development

To develop this extension for our client, we had the choice between using a multi-platform framework or a native and specific development.

We quickly chose a native development in C#.NET, in order to have complete control over the environment and thus meet all the constraints listed in the specifications of our client.

Certainly, the significant lack of documentation and support makes the development of the technical base complicated, but this has given us great flexibility in our client's requests.

Results and performances

  • A fully functional extension deployed in a significant number of companies
  • An important selling point in the B2B sector
  • Completion of the proposed offer
  • A standard installer allowing a simple and intuitive use

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