Desktop Applications

Successfully realize your desktop application development by using our team, regardless of the desired system.

Your desktop application, designed and thought out according to your ideas

In the context of the smartphone revolution, our use of application consumption is changing. Uses are changing and end-users' expectations are changing as well. Some cases of use cannot be completely replaced by a mobile application (industry, B2B, computational strength,...) The AwayUp expert team is able to assist you in the complete development of your desktop application.

The OS we handle


Apple MacOS systems are increasingly present in the computer landscape. A MacOS application requires expertise to make the user experience exceptional. In this way we will combine UI quality, performance, stability and safety.

Microsoft Windows is the world's first operating system. Developing an application on this platform requires a great knowledge of the ecosystem in order to guarantee the quality of development and compliance with current standards.

Linux distributions, formerly marginal, but now increasingly present on the OS scene. Leaving this platform behind can be a mistake on the deployment and adoption of your solution!

Don't know where to start for your application development?

Tell us about your project and we will design a tailor-made application adapted to your customers!

Approach Native

The first approach to build a desktop application is to use native technologies. That is, Swift/Cocoa for Apple MacOS systems and C#. NET/WPF for Microsoft Windows. The advantage of these is a high quality of rendering, performance and B2B deployment facilitated by compliance with current IT standards.

Approach WebApp

The second approach is to go through hybrid applications using ElectronJs. If your application does not require specific functionalities, this approach is best suited. WhatsApp, Slack or Visual Studio Code are perfect examples of how this technology can be used. So there's no reason not to go ahead.
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