Our approach to working on your projects

A quality process for quality solutions

Designed according to your criteria, our digital solutions are conceived according to our reliable and proven processes .

Each member of our team is an expert. Whether it's product design, development, quality assurance or continuous support, we specialize in all phases of the project life cycle. After 7 years of experience and the development of more than 50 mobile applications and digital systems, we have a proven track record in the design and development of innovative, fast and cost effective solutions. AwayUp and its team are able to carry out your projects according to the most appropriate offer: prototyping, fixed-price production or even in a "management"format.

AwayUp and his team are able to realize your dreams according to the most suitable offer: prototypes, fixed-price production or contract type.

Here's how we do it.

You have a project?

Tell us about your project and we will design a solution that is tailored, tailor-made and easy for your customers.

Strategy & Discovery

Each decision is based on research. Before creating any solution, we evaluate the objectives of each project, stakeholder expectations, user needs,.... We examine the competitive environment and technology landscape to develop a comprehensive list of needs, characteristics and requirements. Our ambition is to provide you with a unique, competitive solution that is able to reflect your brand.

Your idea

Any "great" idea needs the right people to be realized. Our team will also build the relationships necessary to fully understand your vision and goals. We will then develop a strategy to move from the idea, the project, to a quality product.

UX Design

An application at the service of users and not the other way around! By focusing on the needs of users, we create unforgettable experiences for them that make your application a unique application.

UI Design

A good design must delight the user. We appreciate the harmony achieved when a well-thought-out UX meets a beautifully designed user interface. You will be, too!


Regardless of the platform, we create highly advanced native applications for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. Web solutions are realized with the latest technologies to always guarantee a contemporary experience. As for APIs, security and scalability are among the many important points for us. AwayUp provides complete FullStack development services with each carefully designed line of code in our Lyon office.

QA & Testing

Your solution must work as designed. When users launch your application, we want them to have an enjoyable, reliable and branded experience. That's why we methodically and meticulously test every development in-house.


Whether it is your first or your hundredth project, we accompany you in every stage of development. When we have finished, your product is yours. We provide you with the source code - as it should be.


After an official launch, a product may need to be accompanied during its operational phase. We are here to help your application grow and stay healthy. Our team has extensive experience in supporting projects after publication, maintenance and improvement as your needs evolve.