Case Study


Restaurant solution app


Oligo is a brand new startup from Lyon that provides restaurants with solutions to organize their restaurants and bookings, and to get to know and communicate better with their customers in order to generate their customer loyalty.

This solution combines technology (CRM, connected objects) and data marketing.

Brief & Context

All restaurateurs concerned about their customers will be able to find their way around using Oligo's solutions.

 Knowing and connecting with your customers has become an additional task for any restaurant manager who wants to keep your establishment going. In the air of the omnipresence of the smartphone and connectivity, Oligo brings tools designed and proven in the mouth business.

With a first application already developed under the Android platform, Oligo called on AwayUp to develop the final versions that could be officially released in production. This application should be available under iOS & Android for smartphones and tablets.

Native and agile developments

To develop this solution for our client, we did not hesitate for a single second to apply the technologies: use native technologies (Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android).

The main strengths of the solution are:

  • Interface designed for the restorer (reactive and native)
  • Available on Smartphone and Tablet
  • BLE connectivity
  • Fail-safe mode (online - offline) and synchronization
  • Dynamic seating plan
  • Management of multi-channel reservations (web, telephone, and physical passage in restaurants)
  • Grouping of customer information
  • Customer path traced and followed: from the customer's call to the printing of the note

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Results and performances

Launched in 2017, the application quickly met with the success it deserved: many restaurants equipped and a strong interest from large investor groups.

  • Ease of use and operation for rush jobs
  • True information traceability (GDPR)
  • Personalized support to ensure a seamless experience
  • Continuous development (Agile - SCRUM) to correct practical feedback from end users

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